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Welcome to The Lash Loft

the latest lash boutique to hit the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex!

Located in the heart of the legendary Deep Ellum district, we specialize solely in eyelash extensions. Our staff of licensed and certified lash technicians are dedicated to bringing this hot new beauty trend straight from the red carpet to our clients, and are passionate about doing it!

The Lash Loft Carries:


Treat Yourself!

For our 2024 Summer special we’re offering all clients full lash sets for only $89! No membership requirements. Select technicians!  Book with us online or call us today to take advantage of this great deal – and experience the difference yourself! 

Meet Blowouts & Company

Just around the corner from the Lash Loft our brand new sister salon Blowouts & Company is open next door and now accepting appointments 

Know Your Lash Styles:

Our classic set of extensions consists of individual silk lashes applied to your top lashes. Every natural lash gets a single extension applied. This look is best for 1st timers and can be customized specifically for what your natural lashes can hold.

A hybrid set of eyelash extensions consists of individual eyelash extensions with volume lashes mixed in. This look creates a fuller slightly more dramatic look, perfect for everyday wear!

Go big or go home! Our voluminous 5D lashes are super volume extensions applied to each natural top lash. With the 5D volume lashes you will achieve a full, thick and dramatic look. This look is perfect for special occasions or for clients that need a little extra drama in their life!

Lash lift is like a “perm” for your lashes. This procedure is the most natural of lash looks achieving an eye opening youthful look. The tech applies product to your natural lashes to curling them back.  The lash lift is best for clients with long but very straight natural lashes.

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3600 Commerce Street, Suite 101

Dallas, Texas 75226



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